Let's Fly with the Aroma of “Tofan”

It is the name of peculiarity of grains brought from the sanctity of lands of India. Each grain of our rice is the result of different stages of quality checks. So get ready to become a part of our happy “Tofan” family if you aren't yet.

About Pure Rice

Our company namely “Pure Rice Inc.” which specialize in labeling, trading, marketing, export/import and brokerage of high quality long grain Basmati rice throughout the world. We are the team of professionals who understand what customer need is and trying to fulfill those requirements in appropriate span of time with competitive price.

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What We Do

We Do Import/Export

we do import export of best quality of long grain basmati rice throughout the world. The major of the mills from whom we purchase are mostly belongs to Indian sub continent. We do all the paper work and required formalities of export for and on behalf of our clients which makes their work easy and convenient.

We Do Trade

we do trade too, as we linked with numerous of the millers in Indian sub continent, shortage of stock is not a problem with us. We only bought the best quality of long grain basmati rice as we do trade on the basis of quality only.

We Do Marketing

we do marketing as well, we have a big team of marketing professionals who know their duties as well. “No compromise with quality” is the only motto of our organization.

We Do work on Brokerage

yes we do work on brokerage too as we hold a big team of millers in Indian sub continent deals with thousand of metric tons of long grain basmati rice and dealing with number of clientage at the same time. We do work on brokerage with interested clients. We provide a big scope to all of our clients under one roof.

We Do All Packaging/Private Labeling

yes we do packaging and private labeling for and on behalf of our international clients. They just have to provide the details of their label/packaging or sample packaging along with the quantity they would like to get pack. All the things are done Hygienically and cleanly at our packaging branch without using the human hands as private labeling is a major part of our business. The details of our private client is duly hidden as per the policy of our company.